STOP! You Keep Hiring the SAME Person!

Have you ever wondered why it seems like you keep hiring different people who do the job the same way? I bet you’ve thought to yourself that you’ll eventually find the “right person” to fill that position. Not so fast…Insanity is loosely defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results., right? Well, are you insane?

You keep putting out the same job with the same position title with the same description on the same sites using the same layout!  And you wonder why you keep getting the SAME person! From a marketing perspective, there is a particular buyer persona (basically a marketing-speak way to say “customer with a certain set of characteristics”) that is responding to your repetitive sameness. If you keep getting the same thing that you don’t want its because you haven’t figured out how to reach the potential employee that you do want.

” OK, now, how do I do that?” First, build a profile (similar to the customer profile you would build to figure out how to reach a potential customer) and define what type of person you want to fill this position. (Please keep in mind all the discrimination, sexual harassment, and other laws that could affect your organization as you build this profile.)

  • What are they like?
  • How is their attitude?
  • What are their work habits?
  • What software skills do they have?
  • How do they handle deadlines?
  • Do they need to know about social media?

Next, take a look at your job description.

  • Is it a full page of continuous text? Seriously, would you sit there and read all the way through it?
  • Would your ideal candidate be more likely to scan the document or read through it?
  • What are the most important things for your potential candidate to know?
  • What would they like to know?

Format the description so that it is easy to read. Rank the information and place the most important info first. Use bulleted and/or numbered lists. Make it look exciting and worthwhile, not like everybody else’s.  You want to stand out. You are looking for a not-so-common candidate and in order to know that you are the right match, you have to be memorable.

Finally, meet your potential candidate where they are. Go to the sites they visit. If you think your potential candidate meets on Facebook, start a company page there or ad the job listing to the site’s database. Do they tweet? Find them on Twitter (In order to do this, your company has to have a presence on Twitter.) Linkd In, CraigsList,, Google, CareerBuilder, your State’s Department of Labor website, perhaps? Go where they are so that you can meet up and get on with your business!

I know these ideas go against all of the popular knowledge for hiring and retaining top talent, but they work. Continuing to do it the old way is not working…if it were you probably wouldn’t have read this far. Become sane and change the way you source your talent. The small change will be well worth it.


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