Time to Grow, Leader

It has been proven that people are happier and more fulfilled when we are learning and growing. Some even say that when we cease learning, we cease living.  There are endorphins in the brain that are released that cause a state of euphoria and well-being when we have mastered a new task. So why don’t we take more pride in growth?

We want to grow and expand our businesses, but not ourselves. Self-development has been put on the back burner in favor of growth of things that are “more necessary”.  Food for thought: How can a person who is stale mated in their personal growth effectively grow an organization?  Think of it this way…a tree with dead roots still giving life to a flower on its branches.  Impossible, right?

As a leader, there is nothing more necessary than your growth. You have to keep learning and evolving in order to keep leading! If you stop growing, so does your organization.  You can’t continue to give life to something that has outgrown you…you begin to feed off of it (thereby becoming a parasite) and will ultimately kill your host.

So, how do you go about personal development? First, don’t be afraid of it. You don’t know everything! That is why (second method for personal development) you surround yourself with those who know more than you do. They may not know everything about everything, but they need to be experts in some area.  Third, ask questions. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask, leader. Fourth, commit to reading a chapter a day from a thought leader in your field. It only takes 15-30 minutes, but the insight you could gain is priceless and well worth the time. Finally, be willing.  You have to want better in order to do better. When you want it bad enough, these five little tips will become second nature and you’ll be ready to go a step further in your quest for personal development.

As leaders, we have to step up and commit to doing the things that we preach. In all your leading, lead with excellence…do it by example and do it with joy!

Happy Leading!



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