Leadership…A Journey Into One’s Self

For years, scholars and others who study leadership have debated whether leaders are born or made. Does being an effective leader require one to be born with certain intangible, unteachable traits? Are there “skills” that can be taught to anyone that will enable him or her to become an extraordinary leader? The deeper we dig into exploring these questions the clearer it becomes that there is no cute little bundle of skills that you can teach to make a person a great (or even good, for that matter) leader.

Leadership is not a set of skills. You can not put them in a box and dispurse them at will. True leadership is an ever-evolving creature. It is constantly changing, growing and morphing. Leadership is not a destination at the end of an academic course…its one of life’s most incredible journeys.

Leadership is an experience. It is a process of self-discovery that can unfold through proper facilitation, replication and/or coaching. The goal of any leadership training program should be to create an intensely personal experience whereby its participants are able to discover who they are, what they believe and how their decisions impact those around them. Each experience should be carefully crafted to ensure that participants leave having the knowledge they need to be effective leaders. They should also leave with an understanding of themselves that is so deep that they know whether or not they can actually take on a leadership role and pull it off successfully.

Leadership training is an fiercely personal business and cookie cutter methods just won’t do. Trainers have the daunting task of creating experiences and thought-provoking exercises that will result in self-discovery for each student. Leaders take such incredibly different paths and use polar, sometimes conflicting, approaches to leading. Effective training caters to those differences and facilitates an individual’s journey into him or herself.

One Response to “Leadership…A Journey Into One’s Self”
  1. Taryn H. says:

    Excellent post! I completely agree…leadership is a journey. The problem lies in the fact that most people who know that they may not be the best leaders won’t admit that there is something that they can do differently. They don’t want to see that something within them is not fit to lead.

    I look forward to reading more of this blog! Thanks!

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